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Premium handmade soaps
with 100% pure essential oils
and skin purifying clays
for dreamers and doers.

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Why dreamers and doers love The Good Routine handmade soaps

I loved that these handmade soaps have no chemicals or synthetic fragrances. The skin doesn’t feel dry after using these natural soapsas they all are loaded with the goodness of natural ingredients like pure essential oils and Shea Butter. The blend of the natural ingredients in the soaps are very unique and the packaging is uber cool.

To all those people who love to buy handmade soaps for healthy skin, this is a must try! These are the best handmade soaps I have ever tried.

I have never liked using shower gels and commercial soaps make my skin dry. So when I tried cold-processed handmade soaps from The Good Routine, I immediately fell in love. They don’t dry out my skin and smell amazing as well. Mystic stream is my favourite one as it has lavender essential oil which I love.

The lather is very rich and creamy which feels like butter and makes skin buttery soft, something I have never experienced before. Also, I don’t need a moisturiser after bathing with any of these soaps. A little bit of soap is enough to create lots of creamy lather so, one bar of soap should last for a long time.

I’ve tried all the three variants and loved all of them to bits!!! The handmade soaps are made in small batches in their beautiful workshop in Himachal! Their social initiative of employing local women and giving them a source of income is also remarkable. They also contribute of their annual profits towards renovating toilets in government schools, which again is an amazing initiative for a startup.

I am impressed by the quality of their natural soaps and their social initiative and would definitely recommend you all to try it.

Akanksha TGR Review
Jazz Soni review

I am using The Good Routine handmade soaps for over six months now, and I am getting a lot of compliment from people about my glowing skin.

I didn’t purchase this soap for skin brightening, but rather for its great quality of ingredients, but I think this is a welcome side-effect! Quality is excellent. I am very happy.

I love The Good Routine handmade soaps because they are completely natural soaps without chemicals. Extremely happy to go for it. Based on my experience so far I will strongly recommend it for people who are searching for a natural glow provider soap which also rejuvenates your skin.

The soaps come in different colored cardboard box packaging with slide in and out slot. The designs on the packaging are simple but very unique, inspired from day to day life and eco-friendly. I really appreciate their creativity.

Priyanka Banerjee Review

Make your Daily Routine a Good Routine

Each bar of our handmade  soap has 4ml of 100% pure steam-distilled essential oils
and skin purifying clays. Nourish your skin the natural and healthy way
with our luxurious handmade all-natural soaps.

Be a Thinking Beauty

Unlike shower gels, our handmade soaps
don't cause plastic pollution and choke whales.

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Our handmade soaps are completely natural
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Why buy The Good Routine handmade soaps?

We believe in  making & using products that are awesome for the skin and the planet.
With unique essential oil blends and clays we bring you the best handmade soaps
that will make you fall in love.

What you'll get

Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Grapefruit Essential Oil
Kaolin Clay
French Clay
Activated Charcoal
African Shea Butter
Organic & cold-pressed Coconut Oil
Organic & cold-pressed Castor Oil
Food grade Olive Oil

What you won't get

No Parabens
No Sulphates
No GMO Vegetable oils
No Dyes
No Alcohol
No Phthalates
No artificial fragrance

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