Best Soap for Eczema and Dry Skin – Box Set of 6



Best Soap for Eczema and Dry Skin – Box Set of 6


Love this soap? Best soap for eczema and dry skin, this handmade soap has the moisturizing goodness of Shea Butter, Castor oil and an all-natural soap base. Now our best selling soap comes in a super-saving box set of 6.

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How did we end up making the best soap for eczema and dry skin?

Not by fluke, we can tell you. We researched extensively about eczema and discovered that sensitive skin needs nothing but the purest of natural ingredients. So we added shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, and lavender essential oil to our recipe to bring you THE best soap for eczema and dry skin.

Imagine a bathtub slap bang in the middle of a lavender field on a summer day. Inviting? Sniff this soap and such imagery will come rushing like butterflies in your head. Because what you’re essentially sniffing is the purest lavender essential oil suspended evenly in this best natural soap for eczema. It’s not that head-ache inducing artificial scent of lavender which is created in the lab. It’s as pure as it gets.

So, why did we put lavender essential oil in this handmade soap for eczema?

Besides being a mood enhancer, lavender is also great for skin. It goes deep into pores to kill any bacteria that reside there and soothes irritated skin. Lavender is also known to soothe the itchiness caused by atopical eczema. This is the secret ingredient that makes this the best soap for sensitive skin.

This natural soap for eczema also has French Clay which makes this bar of soap glide on your skin while gently exfoliating and detoxifying it. The organic cold-pressed coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil make this soap exceptionally moisturizing.

Free from Parabens, SLS/SLES and artificial fragrance.

A word about what this natural soap doesn’t contain. It doesn’t have Sulphates/SLS/SLES or any of that foaming junk. This handmade soap foams naturally. No artificial fragrance added.

If you’re looking for the best soap for eczema and dry skin, then look no further and add this to your box. It is one of our best selling handmade soaps online.

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