Best Exfoliating Soap Bar – Box Set of 3

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Best Exfoliating Soap Bar – Box Set of 3


This natural exfoliating soap with white Kaolin Clay and grapefruit oil works best for oily skin.  This handmade exfoliating soap bar gently removes dirt and toxins from your skin, reducing whiteheads, blackheads and acne. Now available in a box set of 3 soaps.

Also available in a Super-saving Box set of 6

(1 customer review)

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Why would you want to buy this best exfoliating soap bar, you ask? Let’s begin with a story.

Cough, cough, cough. That’s your skin coughing because it’s clogged with particulate matter of polluted city air. These particles are so tiny that your skin pores are literally like wells. And when they jump inside those pore wells of yours, they don’t die. Far from it. They make your skin age faster than it should, cause inflammation and all weird things. While you can protect your lungs with a mask, your skin has no such protection.

This is an all-rounder soap: if you’re looking for a natural anti-aging soap or best natural exfoliator soap, then this is a must have.

Enter The Good Routine Kaolin Clay soap with Grapefruit Essential Oil. The kaolin part of this soap draws the toxins, free radicals out of their hiding places just like pied piper drove rats out of Hamelin.  White Kaolin Clay skin benefits include improved proving skin complexion over time. Grapefruit soap benefits also include reduction of your skin’s pore size over time, so that free radicals find it hard to squeeze inside.

You can use this handmade soap for its deep cleansing properties.

Do your skin a favor, leave the city. Or, buy this best exfoliating soap bar. Or, better still get a pack of three at a great discount. Ideal for gifting too!

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1 review for Best Exfoliating Soap Bar – Box Set of 3

  1. Diya Sharma

    Purchased this box set because I read the reviews and I am very happy with the purchase. Saved on shipping too. Skin feels great. Good a good discount.

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