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Director - Research & Product Development
(Cosmetic/Personal Care)

Job title: Director – Research & Product Development (Cosmetic/Personal Care)


Qualifications: BSc (Chemistry)/MSc/BPharma/FDA Approved Registered Pharmacist

 Experience: 10-12 years in Cosmetics/Skincare manufacturing

 Positions: 01

 CTC: Negotiable

 Job Location: Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh

 Job Description: 

  • Conduct research on skincare products and formulate product prototypes and evaluate them for chemical and physical properties, performance, and stability, and obtain necessary legal clearances under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and relevant laws.

  • Develop new effective formulations for different personal care products and cosmetics.

  • Improve current formulations of products when needed.

  • Research product formulations and properties of raw materials.

  • Prepare and provide samples for biological laboratory and field testing for efficacy and safety.

  • Establish product specifications and procedures as required for R&D projects.

  • Support scale-ups from prototype to commercial manufacture particularly to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

  • Obtain process technology and equipment information for production.

  • Obtain data and information required for regulatory submissions and patent applications.

  • Support on technical service for operations and consumer relations.

  • Conduct research and field evaluations on new products.

  • Provide technical and supervisory support within production, laboratory and other departments as required.

  • Coordinate research and development activities within all organisational departments.

  • Develop reports and documents detailing project processes, results and conclusions.


Desired Skills/Qualities:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Science or higher; ideally chemistry background or related

  • Successful and progressive research and product development experience in cosmetics, personal care and toiletries

  • Ability to work independently and exercise creativity

  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

  • Strong organisational and leadership skills

Contact: WhatsApp your CV to +91-8278742568 or email

About the Company

Nesta Botanicals owns the digital-first, planet-friendly brand The Good Routine ® which creates natural cruelty-free, function-driven skincare products. At the helm of their smart skincare product range is one-of-a-kind artisan cold-processed handmade soaps, essential oil based bath salts, direct-from-farm essential oils, moisturizers and shampoos. 

For the B2B sector, the brand offers a premium range of hotel toiletries to some of the most respected hotels and resorts. 

The brand is also pioneering eco-friendly packaging in its retail offering and encouraging its hotel/resort partners to actively seek solutions that considerably reduce plastic pollution in the fragile ecosystem of the Himalaya. 

Nesta Botanicals is now seeking to expand its team to increase its retail operations, product offerings and B2B reach across pan-India. The company is seeking to formulate skin care products that are compliance ready to be sold and marketed across Europe, US and Japan.

The company plans to scale up its operations and create effective skincare products from locally sourced ingredients available directly from farmers and make them available across the globe. The company also plans to get into the makeup cosmetics sector, formulating a highly effective premium range of foundation creams, serums, lipsticks, etc that are planet-friendly. For this, the company is seeking new team members across Sales, Marketing and Production who will play an important role in the company in the years to come.