Natural, Paraben-free Luxury Hotel Toiletries

3 Reasons to Choose
The Good Routine Luxury Hotel Toiletries

Delight your guests with paraben-free, natural hotel toiletries.

Your toiletries are your marketing tools.

You have invested so much in your hotel or resort property to provide a unique experience to your customers.
So why stop at toiletries?

Your guests are smart.

Customers today love paraben-free products. They are educated, culturally aware and prefer safe and natural hotel toiletries.
Show them you really care.

Our local manufacturing has got your back.

With a local partner like us, there is a shorter turnaround time for product deliveries, smooth co-ordinations and customisations.
We’ve got you.

Invest in hotel toiletries that help you
do so much more.

Impress with your very own custom signature blends.

Is your resort inside lush green tea gardens? We can create custom blends for you like green tea based hotel toiletries that enhance your brand. Through and through, we’re here to help you make the right impression on your guests. We are with you to deliver a unique hospitality experience.

luxury hotel soaps and shampoos

Get global quality products with
the ease of a local manufacturer.

70% of hotel amenities for international hotel brands are imported. With imports there are a lot of challenges such as fluctuating currency, clearance hassles, import duties, and minimum inventory orders. No more. Get the best natural hotel toiletries at competitive rates.

Show your guests you really care.

Ordinary toiletries that are not at all skin-friendly and full of chemicals. Choose safe and natural hotel toiletries to show your guests that you went the extra mile. Help them enjoy any one of our plant-based and skin-loving natural hotel toiletries. 

Like you, we have a reputation
to live for.

The Good Routine makes plant-based natural skincare products which combine the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and scientific research to solve skin related problems.  Since ours is a retail brand, we are very conscious about our brand and positioning. For over two years, The Good Routine skincare products have been synonymous with great quality. Like you, we have a reputation to live up to.

With the same level of care and dedication, we’re creating the best natural hotel toiletries in India. All collections of our hotel soaps and shampoos are natural and paraben-free. Only the safest and natural preservatives have been used in our hotel toiletries. We bring you the finest herbal formulations. Our products range from Aloe and Wild Ginger to Lemongrass oil shampoo, moisturizer, body wash and hand wash.

Our Customers love our natural
skincare products

To all those people who love to buy handmade soaps for healthy skin, this is a must try! These are the best handmade soaps I have ever tried.
Isha Khullar
I love The Good Routine skincare products because they are completely natural soaps without chemicals. Go for it!
Priyanka Banerjee
Brand Enthusiast
I am getting a lot of compliment from people about my glowing skin. Quality is excellent.
I am very happy.
Jazz Soni
Make-up artist

Common Questions

Yes, we do offer customised logo, branding and bottles for hotels, resorts and spas. Co-branding opportunities are also welcome.

We have over five different collections with different bottle designs – 25ml, 35ml, 40ml – to choose from. You can pick any shape or quantity that you may like.

From the date of the payment and order confirmation, we take around 7-10 working days to fulfill your order. This is for first time orders. From the second time onwards, the fulfillment is shorter.

There is no minimum order quantity. If you need anywhere between 100-1500 units, then we can supply hotel toiletries, only it would not contain your customised hotel logo and branding. It will be our own branding. For custom branding of hotel toiletries, ideally the quantity is 1500 – 2000 units per product. Bulk discounts are also available.

Yes, we use only natural preservatives and plant-based formulations in all our skincare products. Our natural hotel toiletries are safe, sulphate-free and paraben-free.

Yes, you can order in bulk and use our natural hotel toiletries in your dispensers. We use 5 litre packaging for bulk. You can then put them in your dispensers manually.

We’re located right in the arms of Dhauladhars, in Dharamshala. Our Marketing HQ is in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh.

The Good Routine brand started as an online store. We manufacture and sell plant-based natural skincare products online through Amazon and our online store.

You can learn more about The Good Routine Brand promise here.

Explore an opportunity with us.

To know more about products and pricing, call us today at +918278742568 or write to us