We're taking good care of our community.​

With every soap you buy, you're helping children observe hygiene, cleanliness and fight diseases. We have pledged a part of our annual profits towards creating and renovating toilets in government schools.

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Is it possible for businesses to be ethical?

We believe so. After all, businesses comprise of people, are driven by people, and for people. It’s time that companies align with causes and practices that enrich the planet and its people.

We’re creating natural products, which not only are awesome for your skin but are great for the planet. We’re also taking one step forward towards creating and renovating toilets (even fixing plumbing issues) in government schools. This helps children have access to a hygienic environment even while they are at school. We also try and donate books, textbooks to government schools or other charitable institutions.

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Doing our bit as much as we can.

Why Himachal?

Because that’s where we’re currently based. Will we continue this work across other states? You betcha. We started this year by renovating a toilet in Government High School, Malan, Himachal Pradesh. 

We thank our customers for not only buying our products but also indirectly supporting our goal to create clean toilets in government schools in remote villages. Every sold product contributes to funding supplies like tiles, taps, cement, commodes, etc for building toilets in these schools. The teachers and principals out here fight against great odds to educate children and we love to help in any way we can.