Gift Handmade Soaps

Our handmade soaps are made with 100% pure essential oils and clays. Gift someone special an unforgettable experience.

Premium handmade soap gift sets

Every once in a while an occasion shows up where you have the opportunity of gifting something precious to a loved one. If you have chosen the gift wisely, then that occasion transforms into a moment that neither of you will forget. The Good Routine handmade soap gift set was designed to make such memories of occasions.

By now, we’re hoping you’re aware of the high quality of ingredients of our skin loving handmade soaps. Better still, we hope you have tried and loved our handmade soaps. So why not gift your loved ones one of the best handmade soaps they are ever going to put on their skin?

If you’re here for the first time, then consider reading about our all natural soap base and our philosophy behind creating natural soaps. We use the same handmade soaps on our skin, gift it to our parents, husbands, wives friends, nieces and nephews. All our handmade soaps are made with strict and established quality control process to ensure that every natural bar of soap gives your skin the nourishment it needs. 

All our handmade soaps were formulated for specific skin types and conditions. If you need any help picking gifts out, then we’re happy to help.

The packaging of our soap is unlike any other handmade soap in India. Our branding and design philosophy is inspired by our home in the shadows of the stunning white and sometimes pink mountains of Dhauladhars, Lower Himalayas.

We are surrounded by magnificent mountains, mystic streams and spectacular open skies and fields. These sceneries have inspired our packaging. Premium and artistic, they are bound to create a great impression on your loved ones.

You can call or message us to add in a custom personalized note or card, or wrap our box with classy and impressive decorative paper at a nominal charge.

Pick from our affordable yet premium handmade soaps gifts and you can never go wrong.

Gifts for Women

The Good Routine handmade soap gifts will be the ideal gift for her. Why, you ask? Because –

Our handmade soaps are completely natural and truly handmade in small fresh batches. Sun dried to perfection in the romantic breeze of the freshest pine air you’ll ever breathe.

Good karma is important. Every time you make a purchase our online handmade soap store, we donate a part of our profits for renovating and repairing toilets in government high schools so children and teachers have access to clean toilets.

What woman wouldn’t love pampering her skin with the soothing aroma of lavender essential oil soap after a long day of work? Or wake up to the citrusy morning freshness of handmade grapefruit oil soap and meet the challenges of the day head on?

Go ahead, surprise her with our specially made handmade soaps for women and prepare to receive heartfelt gratitude. We guarantee it.

Custom cards and classy wrapping paper options available at a nominal charge.

WhatsApp us for more details +918278742568

Gifts for Men

Almost every woman who was presented with the task of gifting men will agree that it is a quite a tough one. It is often hard to decide gifting options for men. We tried our best to solve that dilemma.

The Good Routine handmade soap gift sets for men makes your job that much easier. Our gift set features one of our best selling handmade soap for acne. It is effective and quite a favourite of men who have bought and tried our handmade soaps. Everything from the efficacy to the way our black charcoal handmade soap smells is perfection.

Our box set for men specially comes with Black Magic handmade soap for acne which has the goodness of activated charcoal and calamine powder that will help him enjoy and maintain healthy problem-free skin. And thank you, of course.

If you wish to add another handmade soap to the box or create your own unique gift box with our handmade soaps, just let us know. Contact us and we’d be happy to help you put together an awesome gift box.

So go ahead, take a leap. Buy our handmade soap gift box for men and we promise you won’t go wrong.

Why Natural Matters

Taking a shower is a thing of joy. It’s one of those essential daily routines that we can never separate from our lives. But ever wondered where all the chemicals – from soaps and shampoos to face scrubs, body washes and face washes – where do they go? How often do we realize that if something can cause skin cancer what damage it can have on the marine lives in the oceans?

Our Brand Promise

Every business decision that we take be it collaboration or putting a new recipe together for your skin, it is guided by The Good Routine brand. We try to live our lives both in and off our tiny work studio with the values that make our brand. We align our brand with millennials who care for our environment and consciously want to lead a chemical-free life.