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Yes, absolutely. We make our handmade soaps in a tiny but clean workshop, nestled in a hamlet in the mighty Dhauladhar mountains in Dharamsala, Himachal. We make around 20 soaps per batch. Every time you open our box, you’ll get a fresh soap of goodness.

Clays have many skin cleaning properties. For example, Kaolin Clay (which we use in our Kaolin Clay and Grapefruit Essential Oil soap) is known for soaking up all the dirt, toxins and free radicals from deep within the skin, making it clean and healthy. The Good Routine handmade soaps have a unique and effective blend of clays and essential oils. These all-natural handmade soaps work in the best possible way to give you a healthy, nourished skin.
The Good Routine soaps are made with the purest essential oils. Benefits of essential oils for skin are well-documented and they are natural healers. Some of the essential oils we use in our soaps are: Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil and Grapefruit Essential Oil.

Yes and there’s a good reason why. Lye is the base that combines with the fatty acids in oils to form soap and glycerine. So, technically after the soap is made (also called the saponification process) lye stops to exist.

Only ready-made or ready-to-use soap bases can be used to make soap “without lye”. But these soap bases were made using lye in the first place. So our soaps are absolutely skin-loving and safe to use.

We use 100% pure, Grade A therapeutic quality of essential oils in all our handmade soaps. Each 100g bar of soap has about 4ml of these pure, steam-distilled essential oils.

All The Good Routine handmade soaps have African shea butter, olive oil, organic and cold-pressed coconut oil, cold-pressed castor oil as their base. You can read more about the all-natural ingredients in our handmade soaps.

Clays are great for skin. They help clean the skin deeply by soaking up dirt and toxins. Their benefits extend in soaps and they also help in creating great, luxurious lather. The Good Routine handmade soaps are formulated to blend with the best quality clays and essential oils to make your skin better. 

The Good Routine soaps are made without using artificial ingredients. For example, in Black Magic Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil soap, we use activated charcoal and calamine powder to produce that off-black color.

In Mystic Stream French Clay and Lavender Essential Oil soap, we use semi-natural mica for that pleasant lavender tinge. Morning Purge Kaolin Clay and Grapefruit Essential Oil soap uses semi natural red colored mica for a light orange color. If we’re not using micas, we use food grade colors to color our soaps.

Essential oils are steam-distilled from leaves, petals and herbs. Grade A essential oils (the kind we use in our soaps) are of the best quality and usually most expensive. These natural essential oils are proven to have amazing effects on skin, hair, mind and body. For example, lavender essential oil has a soothing fragrance that’s great for calming the senses and is used regularly in aromatherapy.

So while essential oils are natural, still there may be certain cases where skin irritation may occur. In such a case, discontinue usage immediately.

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