Take Good Care

At The Good Routine, we try hard to meet our promise
and expectations of our customers with every single soap of bar we cut and put it to dry in the fresh pine air
that flows from the Dhauladhars.

Being Responsible

Every business decision that we take be it collaboration or putting a new recipe together for your skin, it is guided by The Good Routine brand. We try to live our lives both in and off our tiny work studio with the values that make our brand.

The Good Routine is not just a handmade soap company, it is a lifestyle choice. Choosing natural matters. We have one life and one planet. So it figures that we take care of both. We won’t have another chance. 

We align our brand with millennials and thinking beauties who want to nourish their skin with natural products and consciously lead a chemical-free life.

As a new brand, we are grateful to have won the hearts of our first time customers who ended up becoming our lifetime value customers, and in some cases, friends. We try hard to protect our relationships by consistently and diligently making natural skin care products that solve problems.

Our Values


We realize that the quality of our products is what keeps our customers coming back. Every time you use our products, you’re nourishing your skin without destroying our planet.

Planet over Profits

A study by Environmental Health Perspectives shows pollutants such as oxybenzone, butylparaben, commonly used in sunscreens, are non-biodegradable. As they wash off of skin, they become one of the triggers that’s causing the bleaching of the Great Coral Reef, Australia. We use natural ingredients that don’t hurt the planet or any of its species.

Taking Care of our Community

We share our profits with the very community we live in. Be it donating books to under-privileged children, or repairing toilets in government schools, we  try and do our bit.


We use 100% pure, Grade A therapeutic high quality of essential oils in all our natural handmade soaps. Each 100g bar of soap has about 4ml of the purest, steam-distilled essential oils.

Ethically Made

All our products are sourced and made ethically. For example, we do not use Palm Oil as a base in our handmade soaps as palm trees are home to a large number of Orangutans in the world. Using Palm Oil results in the systematic loss of natural habitat of these beautiful orange furry creatures. All our raw materials are sourced ethically.

Not Tested on Animals

None of our products are tested on animals. As human beings, it is our responsibility to ensure the well-being of other species who share the planet with us. We love animals. Period.

Why Natural Matters

Taking a shower is a thing of joy. It’s one of those essential daily routines that we can never separate from our lives. But ever wondered where all the chemicals – from soaps and shampoos to face scrubs, body washes and face washes – where do they go? How often do we wonder if something can cause skin cancer what damage it can have on the marine lives?

Our Natural Soap Base

There are many ready-to-make, melt-and-pour soap bases in the market which are used by most of the so-called “handmade” soap companies in India. But we pride ourselves in creating custom natural soap base so that it truly helps our customers with skin conditions like acne, blemishes, exfoliation and eczema. Read about our all-natural soap base.